Lion Moms Season 4
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Lion Moms Season 4

Lion Mums is back with another fiery season and our favourite Singaporean mums are facing some of their biggest struggles yet. Two years on, we see our Lion kids – Kai, Hillary and Nabilah in Primary 6, dealing with the pressures of the PSLE exam and the woes of becoming “tweens”, while our Lion Mums are holding it all together, against all odds. Fresh out of prison, Min Yi grapples with settling back into society, regaining Kai’s trust and fighting for a family she never imagined she could have. Grace tries to forget having seen her abuser at Kyra’s home Two years ago, but the arrival of a new mum at Charleston forces her to confront her past. At the top of her game, Durrani’s reputation as a lawyer is on the rise and she is offered an opportunity to enter politics– but can she afford to pay the price? Chae Lian & Beng Hian have settled into their newly wed lives only to discover that, mature as they are, married life is something they are both still novices in.
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