Omar Sosa @ Jazz à Ramatuelle
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Omar Sosa @ Jazz à Ramatuelle

We could simply define Omar Sosa as an Afro-Cuban jazz pianist. It would be far from false, of course, but it would still be terribly reductive. Because if he has always kept one foot firmly anchored in the traditions of his native island, this citizen of the world at the same time shows proof of an insatiable curiosity, tirelessly exploring music from the four corners of the globe: from the Caribbean to the India and West Africa to the Arab world, nothing seems to escape his thirst for discovery. We bet that this diversity of experience and this sense of openness will naturally be reflected in the music played by this quartet defined as "afrocubano", which we will also notice that it includes a bassist from... Mozambique! A celebration of rhythm in all its forms – he also began his musical apprenticeship with percussion – a concert by Omar Sosa always presents itself as an intense, total experience, some will even say mystical. Let yourself be enchanted!
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